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Welcome to Starwood Estates, a White Mountains community in beautiful Pinetop, Arizona.      

• Neighborhood News •
10-12-15 - Welcome to Starwood
John Powers of Phoenix,, Az  purchased lot 11.  Welcome to the neighborhood, John!

10-10-15 Fire wise evacuation list
A neighbor was sent this list and provided to post on the site.  The list provides thoughts on prevention and a comprehensive list for evacuation.  It can be found here and on the documents page.

08-16-15 Guidelines for ATV usages have been posted
After researching our HOA liability insurance and the state motor vehicle laws, we regret to inform our residents that we cannot permit anyone to operate an ATV in Starwood without a valid diver's license.   Additional details on ATV usage are posted in the "Documents" section of the website.

07-19-15 Over six inches of rain since June 19
The Starwood weather station is a great resource to keep track of the rain, temperatures and check out how the neighborhood looks. 

07-05-15 HOA July meeting minutes available
The Starwood HOA minutes are uploaded to the Board Information page.  A big thanks goes out to the Starwood Board for your great leadership of the neighborhood this year.  MUCH APPRECIATED!!

06-05-15 Saturday Happy Hour begins!
The Starwood cul de sac happy hour is starting.  Every Saturday at 4:30ish come join your neighbors for happy hour.  BYO drink, chair and an appetizer to share.  See you Saturday!

05-05-15 Starwood Newsletter
The Starwood Newsletter has been emailed to all homeowners.  Click here for another copy of the newsletter.

Starwood Board Announcement
The Starwood HOA Board is having a board meeting Friday, April 24th at 10:00 a.m. at the home of Mel and Pat Knight.   Owners interested in attending are welcome.  Please contact Pat at 928-369-4499 if attending.

4-18-15 - Welcome to Starwood
David and Melissa Sharp of Roll, Az  purchased lot 64.  Welcome to the neighborhood, David and Melissa!

3-8-15 - Welcome to Starwood
Allan and Pat Cameron of Tucson purchased lot 2.  Welcome to the neighborhood, Allan and Pat!

11-29-14 - Welcome to Starwood
Gerald and Paulette Zuehike purchased lot 53.  Welcome to the neighborhood, Gerald and Paulette!

11-14-14 Starwood Newsletter
The Starwood Newsletter has been emailed to all homeowners.  Click here for another copy of the newsletter.

• Events •
Saturday Happy Hour - gone until next summer
Every Saturday, at 4:30ish you will find many of us having refreshments, visiting, laughing and sharing an appetizer in the cul de sac of Skywood and Starwood.  All neighbors and friends of neighbors are welcome to join.  BYO refreshment, chair, and appetizer to share.
• Association Concerns •
Concerns should be brought to the Board's attention through the below link.   A Board Member will respond within 5 business days.  If urgent please indicate as such and every effort will be made to respond quickly.

Feedback or Concerns
• Board Updates •

2014 Homeowner Association Meeting:
The HOA meeting will be held at 9:00, Saturday, June 21st at Pinetop Country Club.

Fire restrictions and trash guidelines:
The restrictions and guidelines are posted on the Documents page.

Board notice -Visitors/renters
This is a friendly reminder to ensure neighborhood visitors understand our neighborhood norms.  It is expected that quiet hours start at 10:00 p.m. and outside noise be kept to a minimum.


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