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Welcome to Starwood Estates, a White Mountains community in beautiful Pinetop, Arizona.      

• Neighborhood News •
11-03-13 - Welcome to Starwood
Randy and Rosanne Austin purchased lot 49.   Also, Michael Hostetler and Elizabeth Burnham purchased lot 41.  Great to have you in the neighborhood!

10-06-13 - Welcome to Starwood
Adam and Cindy Ray purchased lot 61, right as you come in the Buck Srings gate.  Great to have you in the Neighborhood!

9-27-13 - New form in Documents page
A new form has been added to the document page for outside appearance change Board approval.

7-21-13 - Welcome
to Starwood
Lee and Donna Kohlhase recently purchased lot 20.  Great to have you in the neighborhood!

7-20-13 - Bear Warning
A large bear was seen going over a backyard fence to leave the neighborhood for the forest early in the morning.   The bears are very active now, usually between 5p.m. and 8a.m..  Please secure your garbage cans and be careful walking at night.

July - Honoring the BRAVE men of Granite Mountain Hotshots


6-14-13 HOA meeting update
Another well attended and successful annual HOA meeting.  The new board members are Herb Jenneskens and Bob  Renner - welcome to the Board!  The HOA minutes are posted on the Board Information page.

6-9-13 Fire Wise talk
Steve Campbell, UofA Forest expert provided great information to our homeowners during a 2 hour workshop in the neighborhood.  He highlighted ways to keep trees healthy from beetles, concerns about needles close to stem walls, and concerns about stacked logs.   Pictures are posted on the Event Photo page.

4-2-13 Starwood Newsletter
The Starwood Newsletter has been emailed to all homeowners.  It is packed with news so please make sure to take a look.  Click here for another copy of the newsletter.

• Events •
Summer Saturday Happy Hour
June - mid Sept, on every Saturday, at 4:30ish you will find many of us having refreshments, visiting, laughing and sharing an appetizer in the cul de sac of Skywood and Starwood.  All neighbors and friends of neighbors are welcome to join.  BYO refreshment, chair, and appetizer to share.
• Association Concerns •
Concerns should be brought to the Board's attention through the below link.   A Board Member will respond within 5 business days.  If urgent please indicate as such and every effort will be made to respond quickly.

Feedback or Concerns
• Board Updates •

2013 Homeowner Association Meeting:
The HOA meeting was held on Saturday, June 8th 9:00 a.m. at the Pinetop Country Club. The minutes are posted on the Board page.

Fire restrictions and trash guidelines:
The restrictions and guidelines are posted on the Documents page.

Board notice -Visitors/renters
This is a friendly reminder to ensure neighborhood visitors understand our neighborhood norms.  It is expected that quiet hours start at 10:00 p.m. and outside noise be kept to a minimum.


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